Construction of treated wood houses in Costa Rica

Construction of treated wood houses in Costa Rica

Although the first picture we get of a wooden house is usually associated with a rustic cabin built for providing shelter to its inhabitants as its main purpose, the evolution in styles and constructive finishes allows building all type of luxurious, practical and comfortable residences you can imagine.

The versatility of the wood, its adaptability and the personalized design allows to achieve architectural styles and unique finishes.

With extensive experience in working with treated woods and a constant evolution towards styles and constructive finishes more adapted to the particular tastes and needs of our customers, in Ecomaderas del Sur we have made true the dreams of more than 200 clients.

The trend towards the use of treated wood as a building material is due its several benefits it provides for residents, who enjoy a greater sense of comfort and well-being.   A treated wood house expresses:

  • Taste for nature: The construction of wood houses with ecological certification is associated with the taste for ecology. Our wood is a renewable material controlled by a sustainable production.
  • Economy: The construction process is fast, clean and precise. The amount of time gained and the need for less workers implies a significant saving in labor costs.
  • Strength: The mechanical strength and lightness of the wood deliver strong structures. The treatment protects the wood from moisture, insects, wind and sun and makes it more resistant against fire.
  • Aesthetics: The versatility of wood pushes for the integration of a residence into the environment.
  • Feeling of well-being: Due to its ability to regulate indoor air humidity, wood is a material that provides a feeling of comfort and well-being. Wood is a hygroscopic material, so it has the ability to regulate the amount of moisture in the environment. This is a very important feature since it helps the airways to be healthy and reduces the risk of irritation of the mucous membranes. In addition, pathogens and germs reproduce more in zones with high humidity so an atmosphere with wood regulates the humidity reducing the presence of these microbes.
  • Thermal conductivity: Wood has a significantly lower thermal conductivity than other materials. Because of this, in the case of windows, the risk of thermal bridges and condensation that can be produced in other materials is effectively solved. Ultimately, wood is a natural regulator of the air relative humidity, it controls the acoustic reverberations and keeps the condensation at minimum.

Eco Maderas del Sur is a certified company. We offer imported, premium quality, state of the art, pine wood treated with vacuum/pressure using environmentally friendly preservatives imported from the United States.

Our treatment processes provide a seductive, attractive product with proven durability, protected against termites and fungi for a guaranteed period of 15 years or more depending on the purpose of the wood.

If you are planning to carry out an environmentally friendly construction project, we can build any turnkey project from a cabin to the most elegant and refined wooden house for your satisfaction.

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