With the USA quality standards

With the USA quality standards

We build solid houses that stand the test of time, with US quality standards and under the strictest compliance with the rules of the College of Engineers and Architects of Costa Rica, for the sake of your safety, trust, and well-being.

We use imported woods, subjected to a scientific process of drying and impregnation, to multiply its durability and we have an experienced team of professional carpenters that will give your home a perfect finish with US residential features like high ceilings, strong floors, and durable walls.

In a house built by Ecomaderas del Sur, we pay special attention to details, from the solid doors up to the precision hinges. Every detail of our construction is reviewed two, three, or as many times as necessary, until it is approved to your satisfaction.

With over fifteen years of experience in the sale of timber and building houses and cabins, customers are our cover letter. You can be sure that you will be 100% satisfied when building your home with Ecomaderas del Sur. Trust us and we guarantee that we will build the house of your dreams exactly as you specify us.


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