Importance of drying treated wood and wood drying ovens in Costa Rica.

Importance of drying treated wood and wood drying ovens in Costa Rica.

Although this subject is usually unknown by the common citizen, every construction worker knows that wood that has a certain amount of humidity is susceptible to cracking, twisting, shrinkage, stains, fungi and insects.

If the wood contains an inadequate amount of water, it doesn’t matter what you do, you will always have a poor quality final product.

A correct drying process allows the wood to be easy to machine and glue, the wood will become lighter and more consistent as well as resistant to discoloration, fungi, moths and termites.

Vacuum drying for wood

On average, half the weight of freshly cut wood of some species is water. Drying the wood using the sunlight or air demands a long period of time and it does not always produce satisfactory results. Hence, the wood industry has developed technological tools to get a controlled, quick drying process that eliminates moisture even in the inner fibers of each wood piece.

In Eco Maderas del Sur we use vacuum drying ovens that allow us to dehydrate the wood in depth, using the waste generated by the same process as the main source of energy. This system makes us independent from traditional energy sources.

Eco Maderas del Sur is a certified company that offers imported, premium quality, seductive, attractive and proven durability wood from genetically enhanced and cultivated forests to consumers, thereby supporting forest practices that protect ecologically sensitive areas.

The best products for our wood

Drying alone is not enough. As a complement, the woods we offer are impregnated with proven chemical materials to protect it against pests and environmental damage. Its application, which we carry out through a vacuum/pressure process is critical to obtain a guaranteed quality.

We use MicroPro the newest Osmose technology for pressure treated wood, which involves using micronized copper preservatives that help protect the wood against termite damage and decay caused by fungi.

Our impregnation facility is backed by the US federal government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA).

The drying and curing process has a cost; But it is a guarantee that the product will remain unchanged for decades. In our company we give a guarantee of fifteen years on our products.

In our work, we focus on the importance of drying treated wood and drying ovens for wood in Costa Rica. Eco Maderas is the only self-regulated company in the country and the only one that has a certification from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica for its products and processes.

We invite you to contact us, it will be a pleasure to answer your questions and help you to carry out your project in a successful way.