Legal advisory and formalities for the construction of wooden houses in Costa Rica

Legal advisory and formalities for the construction of wooden houses in Costa Rica

Ecomaderas del Sur is a company with extensive experience in building and legal advisory in the construction of wooden houses.

Our imported wood comes from forests grown under strict scientific standards that protect the environment, in our workshops we treat the wood to reduce moisture and protect it against insects, fungi and deterioration caused by climatological factors such as water and sun.

We treat the wood in our workshops equipped with state-of-the-art technology and quality control laboratories to give the wood a vacuum/pressure finish using the newest, environment friendly preservatives available imported from the US which allows us to achieve important certifications.

The rigorous treatment allows us to guarantee our indoor-use products for an average period of 15 years.

In addition, we apply manufacturer-recommended product doses according to the use the wood will have, such as: outdoor, indoor, in contact with the soil, submerged in salt water, etc., both for guarantee its quality and to protect the environment. That way we manage to obtain a quality product.

Expert advisory

At EcoMaderas del Sur we have a wide experience importing and treating wood and we have the equipment, trained personnel and the best disposition to sell the treated wood or to deliver it to your house or cabin wherever you need it and the finishes you prefer. We work with quality and professionalism.

If you prefer, our company takes full responsibility for the contract, advising you from the preliminary land preparation works to delivering you the keys of your new house as a turnkey finished project, so you can save time and avoid the hard work that entails a construction process.

But we can also provide you some advice to optimize the design and construction. If you have a team of reliable workers that allows you to reduce costs, we can supply you with the highest quality wood and the best construction advisory.

We invite you to contact us, we will be very satisfied to build your house or provide advisory services on your project.