Selling treated wood in Costa Rica

Selling treated wood in Costa Rica

The wood market is experiencing an unprecedented resurgence thanks to the expansion of cultivated forests, genetically improved species, new technologies and treatment processes with environmentally friendly preservatives.

Such resurgence is due the numerous advantages wood offers in relation to other construction materials, added to its beauty and the natural feeling it offers to users.

The wood is a natural insulator with excellent static and anti-seismic properties which also greatly reduces construction time.

Good wood; Good methods

When investing money in wood it is necessary to look beyond the advertisement of treated wood in order to avoid losing money and suffer setbacks caused by moisture, pests and structural defects.

Treating wood begins with sowing cultivated forests with genetically improved species; the wood sawing; the drying process that assures the hygroscopic balance (to avoid defects caused by dilation and contraction) and using new generation preservatives.

Suppliers and distributors of treated wood

In Eco Maderas del Sur we specialize in selling wood treated on drying and impregnation facilities in Costa Rica that allow us to reach US quality standards.

We import pines from genetically improved cultivated forests and then treat them with vacuum/pressure drying processes to eliminate moisture and increase its useful life by up to 400%.

As a complement for the treatment, we use an impregnation facility backed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards of the United States federal government, and the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) of the United States. We use MicroPro, Osmose’s newest technology for pressure treated wood approved by an environmental analysis process called “Life Cycle Assessment”, which complies with the rigorous international quality tests established by the ISO which sets the standards for the industry.

In Eco Maderas del Sur we provide a fifteen-years warranty on our woods.

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