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Our beginnings

Several years ago, Edgar Ramirez, a successful distributor of fruits San Jose, was frustrated by the lack of availability of wood for his small beach hut on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Was difficult to get consistent high-quality wood in reasonable quantities, but the hard part was finding affordable pressure treated wood.

Don Edgar concluded that, like him, many Costa Ricans prefer wood-built structures instead of current cement block. Like many Costa Ricans who care about ecology, Edgar also wanted to help preserve the environment.

Hence the project to supply eco-friendly wood was born, resistant to atmospheric conditions characteristic of tropical lands. He bought one of the most modern equipment for pressure-treated wood processing in the United States, including two autoclaves and three drying ovens.

He also acquired modern equipment for sawing wood, such as a brushing-machine, tongue and groove machinery and industrial brushing machine, and saws and sanders and built a large dry space for inventory.

As a complement, he hired the most skilled carpenters and cabinetmakers to provide the consulting and support or construction service in order to meet the needs of those who aspire to have houses in contact with nature.

Ecomaderas del Sur founded fifteen years ago has made a reputation, admirable growth, and a surprising success in its field. Using his contacts in Costa Rica and the United States, Mr. Ramirez assembled a team of first-class professionals to create Ecomaderas del Sur.

In Ecomaderas del Sur we work with enthusiasm and professionalism. Our techniques and our products grow in the domestic market. We are passionate about building processes in which the raw material is wood and, we will be happy to have you on our portfolio of satisfied customers.

The best way to build

Contact us and know more about our products and the great benefits of building with wood. In Ecomaderas del Sur we have highly qualified staff who will provide advice in your construction project.

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