Our woods, from cultured, genetically improved forests, are treated with the latest technology to give the drying and the characteristics of the housing unit to be built and are treated with eco-friendly products. Product quality and treatment scientifically applied, enable us to provide a warranty for fifteen years, for indoors woods.

SCS Certified. Environmentally Preferable.

The MicroPro technology was the first wood treatment process certified under the Environmentally Preferable SCS Program.

Certificación Green Guard.

The MicroPro technology has recieved the Green Guard Children&Schools certification. That certifies products with low emissions of organic chemicals.

Such warranties and certifications took us to become the first self-regulated company on the use of treated wood in the country and to promote self-regulation in other companies in the industry.

We are also the only company certified by the Costa Rica Institute of Technology (RERI), by virtue of the excellence in the production of imported timber and the immunization process we do in Costa Rica.

We invite you to contact us and visit our facilities in the center of San Isidro del General city, where you can see our showroom of woods and model buildings, plus a tour of our processes. We guarantee your satisfaction!

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