In fact, it must be dosed. MicroPro technology provides three basic types of treatment, according to the use treated wood will get: for interiors, for wood products to be used on the ground and for those who will be in contact with the ground or immersed in fresh water. For this, it is required to have autoclaves or vacuum-pressure equipment available, like those Ecomaderas del Sur has in their facilities.

The retention levels of the chemical preservative in wood are usually different depending on the preservative application system used and according to the uses for which the wood is approved. It is important to buy treated wood products specifically recommended for the type of exposure the wood will be subjected to. Once again, Ecomaderas del Sur has these preservatives, and a quality control laboratory that allows to control and verify that retention levels are met.

MicroPro products are not approved for use in contact with or submerged in salt water, that’s why Ecomaderas del Sur has other technically approved preservatives for that specific use.