Why Ecomaderas?

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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a certified company that offers consumers imported pine wood that is first-class quality, proven durability, seductive appeal, and is grown from genetically improved forests. We support, in this way, forestry practices that protect ecologically sensitive areas.

Our drying techniques allow us to provide a product that results in a long list of scientifically proven advantages: the wood is easier to first-class quality, increases resistance, removes insects, preserves the color, reduces weight and prevents cracking, and ratification of crazing and stains. For every cubic meter of wood used, replacing other materials with higher carbon footprint, it avoids the planet of two tons of CO2.

We treat the wood through cutting-edge technology tools to give the wood a vacuum/pressure finish, with environment friendly preservatives, which will protect the wood from termites and fungi caused by humidity for a guaranteed period of fifteen years and more.

Ecomaderas del Sur is a Costa Rican company and leading supplier of preserved natural woods. In addition, the company is greatly recognized in building houses with materials treated by the vacuum/pressure method and drying process in imported ovens.

High quality

Imported pine wood, first quality, treated with the latest technology for a better finish and durability.

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In short: Why prefer our company?

Our product is friendly with nature.

We offer wholesale and retail.

We offer competitive prices.

Our woods are protected and certified.

Our products are top quality and guaranteed.

Our designs are unique, innovative and exclusive.

Durability is proven.

Certified plantation forest wood.

Inversiones Ecomaderas del Sur S.A. is the only self-regulated company in the country and in having a certification from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica in the product and in the process.

Six Reasons to Live in a Wooden House


Improves bone or breathing problems because of the extraordinary wood used which, allows humidity to be expelled.


They are durable and resistant. Although it does not seem that way, wood is more fire-resistant than metal structures thus have more chances to remain to stand in case of a fire. That also eliminates the problem of thinking that a wooden house may last less.


The wooden houses use exceptional wood and come with thermal insulation which, warms the house allowing you to save energy because you will spend less to keep the house warm.


The wood is treated to prevent attacks from fungi, insects, or other pests making the wooden house safe to live in.


They are adaptable and versatile as they can adapt to any environment and even designed in different ways so that not all houses resemble each other but leave a little more to the imagination.


They are more soundproof than regular homes because wood is 10 times more insulated than concrete.

For all these reasons and much more that we could give you, it is our belief that you can make a good decision by buying treated wood for your home or project.

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